The conference venue is the Lecture Hall (“Hörsaalgebäude”) opposite the main building of the University of Cologne on Albertus Magnus Platz.

How to get here

Here is a link with directions how to get to Albertus Magnus Platz.

The lecture hall

From the main building of the University, cross Albertus Magnus Platz to reach the Lecture Hall (the red buliding in the map below - if you click on the map you get an interactive view).

Map of the Campus

The conference office

You'll find us in the conference office located in room F of the Lecture Hall. Rooms D and E will be used for the parallel sessions.

Map of the Campus Map of the Campus

Office hours

The conference office will open on Tuesday, June 6, at 8:30.

Further information on the venue, public transport and the social program can be dowloaded from this link.

For further assistance, please contact: